Work From Home as a Plexus Ambassador

I am always looking for new ambassadors to join my team!!  Work from home as a Plexus Ambassador.  Be your own Boss!!!  Get paid to be a product of the product!!

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5 Reasons to Join Plexus

  • Proven ProductsSimply put, the Plexus products work. With people experiencing tremendous product results, building your own Plexus business can be both easy and rewarding.

  • Growing IndustriesPlexus participates in several growing industries: the Wellness Industry, the Weight Loss Industry, and the Network Marketing Industry. Each of these industries is enjoying record growth at the moment.

  • Experienced Management TeamWith over 60 years experience in the direct selling industry, the Plexus Executive team provides stability and proven success methods to help you succeed.

  • Unique CompensationThe Plexus Compensation Plan provides you the opportunity to earn a quick return on your investment and build long-term residual income that can provide you with financial independence.

  • Advantageous TimingStarting your own business now with Plexus positions you at the front of a growth trend. A ground-floor opportunity with unmatched potential awaits you as you start your business.
11 Ways to Earn Income with Plexus

  • Business Building BonusWhen a new Ambassador joins the company, they can purchase a Welcome Pack priced between $99 and $199. 50% of the purchase price of the Welcome Pack is paid back to the Ambassadors as a Business Building Bonus. 50% of the Bonus is paid to the sponsor and the remaining 50% of the Bonus is split between three Qualified Ambassadors above the sponsor.

  • Plexus PointsPlexus awards you points for every Qualified Ambassador within the pay levels of your organization. Ambassadors are paid a bonus based on the points that they accrue on a monthly basis.

  • Achievement BonusEarn a one-time Achievement Bonus as you ascend the different Ambassador ranks within the Plexus Compensation Plan.

  • Fast Start Achievement BonusEarn an Achievement Bonus as you achieve the level of Gold, Senior Gold, Ruby, or Senior Ruby within 30 days of becoming a Plexus Ambassador.

  • Personal Volume and Retail ProfitEarn Commissions from the product purchases that customers make on your Plexus website.

  • Personal Volume Override CommissionEarn an override commission on the qualifying retail sales of the Ambassadors that you personally enroll.

  • Preferred Customer ProgramReceive a bonus on the orders of your Preferred Customers—people who receive their product on a monthly basis.

  • Emerald Pool BonusThe Emerald Pool is comprised of 3% of the company’s monthly Ambassador payout, and is shared among the Ambassadors who qualify.

  • Sapphire Pool BonusThe Sapphire Pool is 1% of the company’s monthly payout, and is shared among the Ambassadors who qualify.

  • Diamond Pool BonusThe Diamond Pool is comprised of 2% of the company’s monthly Ambassador payout, and is shared among the Ambassadors who qualify.

  • Earn a Diamond Re-entry PositionAchieve the rank of Diamond Ambassador and be rewarded with the opportunity to re-enter the program with a second position that will be placed first level to your original position.